Computer Science Department
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
and Ozyegin University, Istanbul

Welcome to LOOME, the Language tOOls for Modularity and Efficiency group at UIUC!

LOOME works on programming language technologies that can help improve programmer productivity and program quality.

Our major emphasis is on tools for producing run-time code generators. Leveraging techniques from the study of functional languages - especially, the use of higher-order functions - we are able to make program both highly generic and very efficient. Our view is that run-time program generation (RTPG) can not only make programs run more quickly, but can make traditional compile-time code generation methods more widely available and easier to use.

Our current main project is studying methods of efficiently performing sparse matrix-dense vector multiplication. Unlike previous work, our methods include those based on run-time program generation, allowing the run-time construction of multipliers specialized to a specific sparse matrix. Click the Matrix Mult link for more. (This project is supported by the National Science Foundation, under grant CCF 10-17077.)

Our previous work centered on Jumbo, a compiler for a two-level version of Java. Jumbo compiles full Java 2.0. Code generators are defined by placing Java source code in quotes; such quoted code is partially compiled when first seen and then fully compiled at run time. Jumbo provides a very general mechanism in the sense that virtually any Java code can be put in quotes and virtually any Java fragment of the correct syntactic type can be used to fill in the holes.

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